Help The Horn St Albans


When we heard that the Horn, a national and local institution pivotal to the live music scene needs support to keep afloat we had to help get the new out. 

THE HORN needs your help.

In light of the current situation regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus and as instructed by the government, THE HORN is closed until further notice.

As always, the safety and health of staff, customers, artists and all others is of the utmost importance, their focus now needs to be on protecting the future of the venue and doing their best to ensure staff welfare.

Like so many other small, independent businesses, they now face an unpredictable and potentially very grave future and need your help. 

Put simply: without support and action during these times, The Horn will NOT survive and its staff will be placed in a vulnerable financial position. They are taking advice from the government re financial help and will apply for a business loan when it goes live. BUT all of these measure will still fall short paying their existing outgoings and losses. 

The Horn have decided to launch this funding page to help support their staff and pay essential bills. All funds raised on their page (link at the bottom of this message) will be used to support staff financially while trying to safeguard and protect the future of the venue. 

With any luck, They can soften the blow of the forthcoming challenges for their staff, and keep the business afloat long enough for there to be a business and jobs for staff to return to.

At this point, while they understand that so many others are facing similarly uncertain times, and priority is your own families and helping those less fortunate in our local area, they are encouraging everyone in the community and beyond who is able to and and wants to play a part in safeguarding the future of The Horn, to please donate generously to this fund.

In return they will be offering HORN-related items and other incentives for larger donations, should you be able to help.

They appreciate your help and support in this unusual and unpredictable time, more than you’ll ever know. 

All being well they will be welcoming you back at The Horn soon and we can party once more.

Please stay safe and well,
Lots of love everyone at The Horn